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Woman Wears Condom On Legs To Prove Men Wrong When They Say It ‘Won’t Fit’

The plethora of excuses men give because they don’t want to wear something that could save a lot of people from heartaches is simply insanity when you think about it. Protection can save lives and proves that you’re a responsible man to your partner. It seems like only women actively want to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

A woman sick of all the excuses decided to show men that any excuse regarding the size would not fly by wearing it. On her leg.

Hilariously, one of the men tried to defend the discomfort with “it’s not about the length but the girth.” But we all know there can’t be any men with anything bigger than this leg.

Women came clapping for this woman’s demonstration, with one noting, “It was very difficult not to laugh at men that said this when I worked at an adult store.”

Another shared their thought, “The wrong size can go from loose to painful – but nowadays with companies like Myone custom condoms and a plethora of standard choices there’s no excuse.”