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Woman Shares Her Tearful Experience Returning To Work 12 Days After Giving Birth

Even in the best of times, balancing a job and parenting is hard. Then imagine what it’s like for new moms who just gave birth to a premature baby and had to return to work because of how parental leave works. Rebecca Shumard is presently in the news, having filmed herself crying because of the reality of her tough situation.

Rebecca Shumard gave birth to her daughter, Eden, at just 27 weeks, which means she’s 13 weeks premature.

With the username @edensmomma10_12 on TikTok, Rebecca revealed how she had to return to work just twelve days after giving birth to her baby, Eden, at just 27weeks. This is so that the 26-Year-Old could spend what petite maternity leave she has when her daughter is eventually discharged from the NICU.