Woman Reveals The Reality Of Instagram Pics In These 20 Before-Afters

The reality of an ‘Instagram Perfect‘ post is that nothing is ever perfect. You don’t know how many shots are in their reels and how much time they spend to make sure they look perfect in those pictures. Sarah Puhto, a health blogger, loves to remind her followers that she, too, is just a human.

“Some people have fat rolls and others don’t,” she tells her followers. “This does not make you any less of a person. It makes you a person with a body that does body things.”

“Do not stress about these things. Don’t feel like you need to suck in your tummy constantly while you sit,” she reminds others. “Do not let things like this make you feel like you need to crash diet and exercise excessively. Because it’s not necessary.”

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1. We all have tummy fat!