Woman Blocks Boss’s Number After She Asked Him Not To Contact Her Out Of Work Hours

This woman is being praised online after she shared how she blocked her boss’s number after he tried contacting her off working hours. She shared that she actually pays $45 (CAD)-a-month (£27-a-month) so she can have both a personal and separate work phone. Despite how her boss ‘knows not to text [her] personal number’ the employee tells followers he ‘still does sometimes’ and so she ended up resorting to blocking him.

An employee is being lauded on social media for blocking her boss’ number after he tried to contact her on her personal phone.

Well, at school or university one could always use extra time to catch up on assignments or exam revisions, but when you come into professional life, you expect that life will be much sorted, now?

Wrong. For some people, even when you’ve clocked off from work, you may still end up with a pile of documents to sift through or a few emails to finish firing off.