10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Gets Jealous or Mad at You

Your girlfriend may not say something to you, but she is actually observing all your moves. She knows every single detail about you. She knows when you are lying. She knows when you are playing around with her. There are a lot of times that she gets jealous and mad for the very reason that you are making her feel that way.

1. When are you too busy with your friends.

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She understands that you have a life of your own, but it is not too much to inform her if you are going out with them. It does not hurt to let her know of your whereabouts. She is not telling you to make her your only world, but you should understand that you are not living a single life anymore. She feels worried because you are not showing any signs of how you are doing.

2. When you are too busy playing online games.

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She is not trying to restrict you to what makes you happy, but you have to give her time. The way you spend hours playing while you cannot even ask her what is going on with her life. Please, do not be unfair to her!

3. When you are still liking photos of your ex on social media.

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It all happened in the past, but she can’t blame herself for feeling that way. She does not feel threatened at all. It’s just that she can’t help but feel that you are unfair to her. She does not feel insecure at all. You are only making her feel that she is not enough, and you are still asking for your ex’s attention, which is obviously a red flag.

4. When you tend to forget the special dates in your relationship.

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She is particular about the important dates because those are important for her. She hates it when you don’t care or give importance to those special events in your relationship. A simple greeting would definitely mean so much to her.

5. When it takes you forever to respond to her messages.

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She hates it when you can’t find time to answer her calls and texts. It messes up her head when you can’t even respond to her messages on your social media accounts, either.

6. When you are putting a password on your phone.

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She respects your privacy, but you should not be putting a password on your phone because it makes her suspicious. If you are not hiding something from her, then there is no need for that. She can’t help but come up with stories in her head. She wants transparency from you because she is honest and open throughout the relationship.

7. When you tend to invalidate her feelings.

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When you disrespect how she feels because, for you, it is not a big deal at all. You have to remember that she has a different way of coping with her emotions. It might be just okay with you, but for her, it might be a different story. Respect her feelings because that is what she deserves.

8. When you are not paying attention to her.

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She hates it when you don’t listen to her. She gets upset when you fail to remember the little stories she shared the last time. She appreciates it when you are keen on details. She loves you more when you notice even the smallest details about her.

9. When you do not stand up for her.

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She feels upset with you when you do not make her feel secured or feel validated. She feels sad when you do not stand up for her when she needs you. She will appreciate it if you are there with her during the toughest times of her life.

10. When you constantly waste the chances she has given you.

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It makes her so upset that you do not learn your lessons. You continue to do the same thing over and over again. It breaks her heart because she loves you so much. She wants to leave you, but she cannot. She hates the fact that you do not take her seriously. She hates that she can’t hate you even if you are not treating her right. She might feel upset sometimes, that is all because of your actions. You are always giving her reasons to doubt your intentions. You always make her feel bad about herself. You blame her for making everything a big deal, but the truth is, that is only her reaction to the crap that you put her through.

She is so annoyed with all the drama that is going on with your relationship. She is not going anywhere because she truly loves you. She is definitely not the perfect girlfriend, but please know that she always does her best to be the best one yet. She is not the prettiest one around, but she always knows how to love you deeply. She can only hope that you will also do the same.

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