Why It’s Better Not to Sleep on Your Right Side

When you finally get in bed at the end of the long day, you probably curl up under the blanket and settle into your favorite sleeping position without giving it much thought. But it turns out, some positions might be better than others, and if you’re used to sleeping on your right side you might want to change your habits. Although sleeping on the right side may be healthy for your heart, it has many drawbacks that outweigh its benefits.

1. It might make your acid reflux worse.


If you’re trying to get rid of the annoying aching sensation of heartburn, then making some lifestyle changes, such as wearing loose clothes and choosing low-impact exercise, may help you relieve the symptoms. But if you’re sleeping on your right side all the time, it might be sabotaging all your efforts, because it can make the existing condition worse. Something as simple as flipping to your left side may help you cool the burning feeling in your chest.