‘We’re going to be kicked out because we haven’t paid rent for months’

Not being able to pay rent and afford basic care for yourself and your family is something many people are experiencing, especially in today’s times. This young family has been told to vacate their home with just seven days notice, and now it looks like they may end up on the streets.

Amy Winter, 26, and Joshua Thain, 27, are parents to three young children. Currently, Amy is pregnant with their fourth child. Sadly, the young couple live off benefits and have not paid rent for many months. The pair were ordered to leave their home by January 31st. Therefore they are now waiting for them to break the door down.

It’s that bad we don’t go out or anything because we’re worried. I’ve asked my family if they can help, they can’t help with accommodation because they’re only living in one bed and two bedroom houses. The only person who is trying to help is my partner’s uncle but he lives down in Somerset.”

Amy Winter

Amy Winter with her husband Joshua Thain and children Lexi, Skye, and Daisy-Mae Image Credit: Huddersfield Examiner