Waiter Takes Revenge On “Karen” Who Didn’t Tip, And The Internet Isn’t Having It

A waiter was left stunned by his customer’s nerve to write a bad review and not tip.

waiter went viral after calling out a woman for not tipping on a $650 takeout order, sparking debates on tipping etiquette.

23-year-old Dean Redmond took to his TikTok page on Friday (15 March) to call out a woman who allegedly “didn’t tip” him and his colleagues on “a $650 takeout order.”

In a video, which has amassed 922,400 views, Dean, who works as a restaurant server and uses his social media to post rants about his workplace, explained how a customer placed a “50-item order” at 9:00 am, which meant he had to call her up and warn her it would take an extra 30 minutes to complete.

Dean received an unpleasant response from the customer, whom he nicknamed “Karen.” expressing dissatisfaction at the additional wait time and hanging up without further communication.

A viral TikTok video by waiter Dean Redmond exposed a customer for not tipping on a $650 takeout order

Image credits: deanredmonds
Image credits: deanredmonds

The restaurant worker went on to assume the so-called Karen was “kidding” after she replied “no” to Dean’s request to give them more time to prepare the order, as employees in the kitchen were working hard to get the order ready for 10:00 am.

Dean explained that at 9:30 am, the customer came to the restaurant and “confronted” one of his co-workers.

The content creator subsequently confronted her, noting he was the one to speak to her on the phone. As a result, the woman allegedly responded: “You asked me if we could give you 30 more minutes, at which point I said no.”

Dean assumed the customer was joking when she declined to give the restaurant more time to prepare the order

Image credits: deanredmonds
Image credits: deanredmonds

The angered customer went on to compare her experience to the one she’s had with Panera and Chipotle, arguing waiting times were shorter.

The woman refused Dean’s offer of some water, and upon collecting her food, she didn’t leave a tip “on a $650 order,” Dean exclaimed in shock.

The stunned server said: “Not $5, not $2, nothing. No thank yous, leaves.”

Dubbed “Karen,” the customer left without expressing gratitude, leaving the server shocked

Image credits: deanredmonds

“Forty minutes later, I got a tap on my back. I turn around. I almost jump when I see her. 

“She’s like, ‘Is there a reason you gave us all dry sandwiches? No ketchup, no hot sauce, no mustard?’”

“I am so done. I almost dragged her by her head over to the self-serve center where it literally says self-serve sauces.”

You can watch Dean’s rant below:

Dean further revealed that his difficult customer “had the nerve” to write a “bad review” about the restaurant after the quarrel.

According to the restaurant’s manager, the review claimed Dean and his team “purposely” served the Karen “dry sandwiches” because they were “mad she came in early.”

But as a result of leaving her real name in the review, Dean said his team managed to track her down on Google, discovering that she worked at a company located nearby.

Dean recalled: “So we went on to Google reviews with our parents’ accounts and wrote her really nice reviews with her name in them.”

While some viewers agreed with Dean, others expressed different opinions