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Victoria Pedretti shares shocking comment she received from ‘well known actor’ as she posts nude photo

Victoria Pedretti has claimed a ‘well known actor’ approached her and made a shocking comment.

The Haunting of Hill House star, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, shared the disturbing story on a post on Instagram, which has since been removed.

In the post, which was accompanied by a nude shot of Pedretti, the actor gave a ‘shout out’ to her body on her birthday and said that it was a ‘joke’ to think being modest will offer any protection from the type of disrespect she spoke of in the incident.

On the post, Pedretti wrote: “Wft is ‘partial’ nudity? Happy birthday to me [middle finger emoji].

“On my bday last year a ‘well known’ actor walked up to me at a party and said, ‘I’ve jacked off to you so many times’. I was shocked by the audacity. This is AFTER he expressed how much he RESPECTED me as an actor lol.

The post has since been removed. Credit: Reddit/Instagram