19 People Who Used Tattoos To Transform Their Scars & Birthmarks Into Art

Ugly scars seem to remind a hard time. Life can bring many struggles her way.

Sometimes, an accident or a painful event can lead to being left with scars, and I’m not talking about only physical but emotional ones, too.

Being reminded every day of the stressful situations in the past can upset people. Even though many of them wear those scars with pride, the soul needs peace.

Raquel Gauthier is a tattoo artist who helps people get rid of their ugly scars. She is very talented and creates beautiful designs that cover up any size of scars on people’s bodies. She often shares her work and the stories behind them on her Instagram account.

Rocket Babu has collected, once again, some of her work for you to get inspired.

1. These scars are beautifully dressed

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