TikToker With Big Bust Says She’s ‘Given Up’ Online Shopping

Australian TikToker swears off online shopping due to ill-fitting clothes caused by her big boobs, highlighting the ongoing struggle of finding the right fit online.

Despite having spent over a decade shopping online, we are yet to master the art of successful virtual purchases, as every order made continues to be a gamble – be it a rug or a party dress.

Australian influencer quits online shopping due to the struggle of finding the right fit, as her viral video attracts sympathy from viewers. Isis, a 25-year-old social media star, posted a video on TikTok wearing a bodysuit that had just arrived in the post.

Isis says she has given up shopping online.

Credit: TikTok / @risisxoxx

Despite fitting around her middle, the brown strappy one-piece barely provided any coverage around her bust.

“I think I’ve officially given up online shopping,” she fumed.

Isis then jokingly captioned the clip: “When do [boobs] stop growing? Asking for a friend…”