Artist’s 25 Spectacular Jewelry Tattoos That Are Out Of This World

In the tattoo world, there are ink artists and ink masters! Ryan Ashley DiCristina, also known as Malarkey, is definitely among the INK MASTERS as she excels in ornaments and Jewelry tattoos. Her spectacular skills have earned her a spot in the eighth season of Ink Master, where she was awarded first place for her creativity. Ryan is globally loved that she became a host to a couple of the competition’s spin-off shows.

With just a glance at her work on Instagram, it’s pretty easy to understand why the mom-of-one is such a huge star with over a million followers. Notably, each design Ryan creates is remarkably realistic and highly detailed – they might leave you thinking they’re Photoshopped, but THEY’RE NOT. Being an iconic tattoo artist isn’t the only thing Ryan is passionate about; she also owns antique and oddity stores. We’ve compiled her newest, have a look and enjoy!

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