10 Signs That He Is A Toxic Boyfriend #8th Is Important!

Relationships evolve. Some good relationships can turn toxic, and vice versa. There’s also no assurance if a toxic relationship can improve over time. However, unhealthy relationships can be damaging mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Sometimes people can be manipulative, play victim, and instill guilt. No relationship is perfect, but you should be aware of the red flags of a toxic relationship and remain observant.

1. Too Much Jealousy

Many people experience jealousy at times. The problem is it is common among people in a toxic relationships. Does your partner constantly monitor your whereabouts and what you’re doing? Even if you don’t display signs of cheating, does your partner always suspect you of cheating? If he’s like that, then your partner has a jealousy problem. Such behavior is detrimental to your relationship.