Employee Leaves Coworker To Walk Alone In Midnight To Train Station, Asks If They Are Wrong

Compassion is essential to our humanity and a core element of being human. Today’s OP demonstrates a lack of compassion and understanding for his work group’s needs, which could lead to a toxic environment. His co-workers typically finish their shift at 2 a.m., and the OP drives them all to the train station, enjoying the friendly company along the way. However, there’s a conflict with one female co-worker known for her relaxed work ethic.

When the time came for their 2 a.m. shift to end, the OP and co-workers were called off work. When the OP’s female co-worker approached them, asking for a ride, they declined the request and encouraged her to adjust her shift schedule so she could more easily arrange transportation. The co-worker became upset and expressed her safety concerns about walking alone at night and criticized the OP’s refusal. The situation escalated, although the OP’s colleagues supported the decision. Keep on reading for the full story.

Source: u/Healthy_Cockroach_18

1. A Redditor asks if he’s the a**hole for excluding one coworker when giving a ride home to the rest of them.

2. OP has a weekend job at a warehouse and most people there have to rely on public transportation even in the wee hours of the night but since a train station is in OP’s way, he gives his co-workers a ride sometimes.

3. OP drives a truck and since some of his co-workers clock out at 2 am, he gives rides to them. There is one woman he doesn’t like due to her laziness at work.

4. The woman has never been courteous to OP for the rides he gives. One night, OP calls his other co-workers and tells them he’ll give them a ride. The woman asks for a ride as well and OP declines.

5. The woman got very understandably upset since the streets were super unsafe but OP declined again and his co-workers agreed with his decision.

Source: u/Healthy_Cockroach_18

The OP expressed their desire for a second opinion on their view of the situation on Reddit, and they were un-surprised when most fellow users agreed with their stance on the vehicle’s choice. It was, however, the timing and manner of the rejection that was found to be especially cruel. The OP should have informed the woman earlier and in private so as not to make it a confrontation that could be humiliating and so that she could find another ride for herself. Keep on reading to see what Reddit had to say about this situation:

6. This is pretty fair, NGL.

Via 3xlduck

7. Exactly, that’s not an okay thing to do regardless of the situation.

Via yato_kamui

8. This, and without previous warning also. Just randomly decides to not take her so she couldn’t have any other way to get home planned as well.

Via embopbopbopdoowop

9. There will definitely be a line between them all now as she likely feels very disrespected.

Via did_nah_do_nuffin

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