16 Photos Proving That Social Media Pictures Are a Shameless Lie

Have you ever scrolled through social media and felt a twinge of envy at the seemingly perfect lives of others? Well, it’s time to stop comparing yourself to those highlight reels, because these photos prove that social media pictures are nothing but a shameless lie. From carefully angled shots to shameless filters, get ready to see the truth behind the facade. Warning: you may never trust social media again.

1. Sometimes it takes 3 people to take a cool picture.

2. Single? No problem!

3. Tips for professional photographers.

4. When it doesn’t rain.

5. A good selfie has another side.

6. With a big picture and some Photoshop tools, you can be in Paris.

7. This is an awkward moment.

8. This is why the things we order online are so different from what we get.

9. “New Mercedes”

10. If you want to get the best shot, you have to take chances.

11. Brand-new sneakers! Paper sneakers…

12. A gold chain to get the girls’ attention.

13. “Cuddles with bae.”

14. Genius

15. Having the support of your friends is very important.

16. The best friendship in the world.