Pets Rule: 18 Hilarious Home Takeovers!

pets rule the house

What prevents animals from taking control over us?

Did you know that animals can take over our homes? This article here explains how some pets start by claiming small spaces, like beds or couches, and gradually expand their territory. It’s fascinating to see how they assert their preferences, like my cat who insists on sleeping on my lap or on my shoes, making it difficult for me to go anywhere without them. It’s amazing how animals can make themselves at home and shape our daily lives.

Even when nature calls, pet owners can find themselves waiting for their furry friends to give them permission to attend to their own needs. It’s a relatable situation that many of us have experienced. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work these animals put in. We’ve gathered some pictures that showcase just how dedicated they can be. They know we adore them, and they know how to work that to their advantage. Prepare yourself for some irresistible cuteness as you scroll down to see for yourself.

1. Some animals are used to the finer things in life and it is all our fault!

Her food costs $90 a bag, I put salmon oil on it, and she won’t eat unless I put it on the couch. And heaven forbid, if I don’t put the chicken on it, I get this.

2. This person now needs to sit like that forever.

3. ‘You think you can finish a puzzle in this house? Think again!’

Right when I’m about to finish organizing all the pieces, this bold feline wanders in.

4. Cats and puzzles just don’t mix.

5. She should have known better not to let her cat get on the table.

6. Maybe she wants to be cooked?

I open the cupboard for one second and she takes it as an invitation to walk in and take a seat in my freshly cleaned skillet.

7. ‘Going down the stairs is beneath us, hooman.’

I brought food upstairs one time and now they will not eat downstairs.

8. Cats just love to ruin clean laundry.

Now some of these shenanigans might annoy us but they are exactly what makes having a pet so much more fun. Sure, your furniture might be ruined, you might never wear clothes without hair but those are the sacrifices we are willing to make to get their love. And all of this is totally worth it at the end of the day.

9. They will never use the toys you get them, instead opting for your expensive furniture.

Scratching the couch while his own scratching post is literally a foot to his right.

10. Weel, that brush is useless unless you want litter shadow.

11. ‘No more work for you!’

Of all the places my cat could’ve gotten comfy, it had to be on my computer.

12. Who can get mad at that innocent face?

When I’m looking at my phone, my dog will duck underneath it, whip his head back to knock it out of my hands, and then get this close to my face.

13. Now everyone else can remain cold.

Maya likes to lay directly on the heat vent to keep all the warmth to herself.

14. ‘Why does this bed keep spitting out paper?’

15. ‘Watch me exercise!’

Cheddar, my little man, yells and yells until I come watch him on the wheel — pretty much all evening — and no, just watching him isn’t enough. He wants me to walk up to the wheel.

16. ‘It wasn’t me.’

17. ‘Promise me that you’ll never leave again.’

How our dog welcomed my husband home after his first day at a new job.

What do you think of these pictures? Does your pet do similar things? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know!