Officer nicknamed the ‘Baby Whisperer’ helps deliver 5th baby in 5 years – saved one from brink of death

Being an officer, you often come face to face with peculiar situations. There might be times in their career when an officer has to assist someone in giving birth.

But for Sergeant Jon-Erik Negron from Suffolk County, it is an almost regular occurrence. And perhaps he has become a specialist in this situation!

On Saturday morning, Suffolk County officers Zachary Vormittag, Jadin Rodriguez, Conor Deimer, and Sgt. Jon-Erik Negron were all going about their work day as usual when they received a worrying call from a citizen.

A woman was giving birth in her living room; her baby was several weeks early. Baby Owen Anthony Maldonado was born in the living room of his home. While most officers at the scene assisted a citizen with a delivery for the first time, for Sergeant Negron, it was his fifth delivery!

In 2017, he was assisting a family with the third delivery of his police career. He helped save baby Bryce’s life when the infant stopped breathing after an umbilical cord was tied around his neck. Because of his heroic and timely actions, the family made him Bryce’s Godfather!