Mom Feels Guilty After Leaving Baby In Economy While She Flies Business

Moms deserve a break every once in a while. But when this parent needed an upgrade from “mom duty” to “mom luxury” and left her baby and boyfriend in economy while she enjoyed a baby-free flight in business class, people questioned her moral compass.

Ellis Cochlin, from the UK, admitted that she had left her 10-month-old daughter in economy with her boyfriend, Rob, during a flight, while she had taken the liberty to fly in business, prompting her to question if she was “horrible” to do so.

Ellis escaped to business class for an 11-hour flight from Paris to Los Angeles while her baby girl and Rob sat in coach, according to her TikTok video documenting the flight, as per Fox News.

The guilty mom captioned in her video detailing the flight: “Am I horrible for leaving them both in economy?”

“It was my only opportunity to have a baby-free flight, and I took it. What would you do?” she asked her 22,600 followers.

Ellis Cochlin left her 10-month-old daughter in economy with her boyfriend during an 11-hour flight while she flew in business class

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In the video, which has amassed 373,000 views since it was published on Thursday (February 8), Ellis said: “The thought of having a baby-free flight was like music to my ears.

“I love that girl with my whole heart, but let me tell you, flying long haul on your own with a baby is not easy.”

Ellis’ luxurious flight experience sparked discussion about her decision, as a TikTok user commented: “You’ve spent SO MUCH time baby handling solo, I feel you definitely earned this!”

Another person penned: “A bit strange but [to each their] own.”

“Am I horrible for leaving them both in economy?” Ellis wondered in a viral TikTok video documenting her flight

Image credits: ellcochlin

An additional commentator wrote: “A bit strange how?”

A separate individual chimed in: “Don’t feel guilty!!!!!! Us mamas just want to breath [sic] alone sometimes.”

Ellis had explained that she had felt she was treating herself because it was the first time that she wasn’t traveling alone with her daughter, Prim.

She admitted: “I’ve never flown with anybody else. It’s only just been me and Prim.

“So the thought of having help on this flight was amazing.”

“It was my only opportunity to have a baby-free flight, and I took it. What would you do?” Ellis explained

Image credits: ellcochlin

The traveling mother has also explained that the airline initially wanted to charge her family thousands of dollars for Prim to have her own seat despite the fact that, as a baby, she can fly for free in economy.

Additionally, Ellis justified the decision because she said Rob had never flown with her and really wanted to do so.

The adventurous mom, who has described herself as a “British girl living in California,” has documented her solo flights with Prim in previous videos, where she has detailed the struggles of traveling alone with a baby.

Navigating through a flight with a baby proves challenging for anyone, even celebrities, as The Big Bang star Kaley Cuoco has recently admitted.

“The thought of having a baby-free flight was like music to my ears,” Ellis admitted

Image credits: ellcochlin

Last month, the 38-year-old actress candidly shared a frustrating experience of flying with her baby daughter Matilda over the holidays, expressing anger after a fellow passenger requested she turn off the sound machine that helped her baby sleep.

While appearing as a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show, Kaley, who ironically played a cabin crew member for two seasons on the dark comedy-drama The Flight Attendant, shared her irritating plane story that occurred around Thanksgiving.

Kaley recalled: “I was so terrified,” she said of flying with Matilda for the first time. “So I thought, ‘What do we do?’ We have to bring her sound machine on the plane. It’s the only thing she can go to sleep to.”

As the actress was flying with her partner, Tom Pelphrey, she further explained: “We’re having one of those flights that you hear that other people have, and you’re like, ‘Oh, that sucks for them.’ It actually happened to us.”

You can watch the TikTok video below:


Am I horrible for leaving them both in economy?😭It was my only opportunity to have a baby free flight and I took it, what would you do? #flying #businessclass #longhaul #traveltiktok #luxurytravel

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Kaley noted that she and Tom had successfully gotten Matilda, who is only nine months old, to stop crying and fall asleep by putting a sound machine next to her ear.

“So, she’s crying [on the plane],” the actress said. “She finally falls asleep, and she’s on Tom, and the sound machine is on, and we were finally like [ugh].”

Nevertheless, the TV star revealed that she was then approached by a flight attendant with a request from another passenger to turn off the sound machine.

“The steward comes over, and he’s like, ‘Hey, one of our passengers would love it if you would turn the sound machine off’ … and I’m sitting there, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god. Oh my god,’” Kaley said.

She continued: “And I can feel Tom be like, ‘Hey, ask the passenger if she wants to hold our screaming child when we turn it off.’ I mean, the ice went into his veins.”

The actress recalled: “I couldn’t believe, by the way, she asked us to turn it off. Can you believe that?”

Ellis’ business class escapade continued to stir divided opinions on social media