Boss Stops Employees From Talking About Salary Or They Will Be Terminated, It Backfires On The Management

Work environments differ from one company to the next.

Some businesses make an effort to foster a work environment in which everyone is free to express themselves and discuss issues. On the other end of the spectrum, some companies do not like it when employees share salary information with their coworkers. Employers prohibit employees from discussing their salaries with one another in more workplaces than you might think. This contentious practice, which is frequently justified by concerns about disrupting workplace harmony or confidentiality, has sparked discussions about employee rights and the possibility of wage discrimination.

Everyone has an opinion on this subject, and many people believe that discussing salaries can perpetuate a toxic work environment. Opponents argue that such policies perpetuate wage disparities and make it difficult for employees to advocate for fair compensation. Furthermore, proponents of salary transparency argue that open discussions about pay can promote fairness, encourage negotiation, and aid in the detection of instances of wage discrimination. However, this is all hypothetical because enforcing such a policy is illegal in many states across the United States. That is the type of problem we are facing today.

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This kind of thing is more common than you think.

A lot of companies don’t want employees discussing their salaries.

So when OP got the email, he saved it in his personal email account.

However, he is unable to find it anymore.

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His co-worker is in the same predicament as well.

We also get a bit more information about the whole missing email debacle.

And also the reason that jumpstarted this ‘policy’.

It is evidently illegal to enforce this policy in many states.

It is possible to hack someone’s email but that seems unlikely.

It would be a lot of work to do this.

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I’m not sure about hacking into the OP’s email account just to delete the email. After all, wouldn’t it be necessary for the company to know that he had saved it in the first place? Or did the company hack into every employee’s account in order to remove any evidence? To be fair, this isn’t possible, so I’d have to assume it’s on his end and has something to do with the account settings.

The other part, on the other hand, is just plain shady. Any company that does not want its employees to discuss their pay has something to hide. And the best way to avoid this would be to do so openly and then sue them if OP is fired.

And the people in the comments were suspicious about the hacking as well.

It is more likely that the problem is on his end.

Keeping records is the way to go wherever you work.

Unless they hack it but that is way too much work.

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That would be a great idea to be fair.

Printing out important documents is a safe way to make sure they don’t get lost.

It would put his job in jeopardy though.

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