Late Army Sergeant’s Sons Lay by His Grave

Late Army Sergeant’s sons, Mason (8) and Mylan (5) shared a poignant moment at their father’s Virginia grave. Despite losing him to cancer months ago, they visited Arlington National Cemetery, cherishing precious time with their late Army staff sergeant, just as they did when he was alive.

“They laid down and chatted with him and shared what was going on in their lives. Then Mylan said that he could feel him and that he wanted to take a nap with him,” said Kait Brazel, the boys’ mother for PEOPLE.

They proceeded as planned. The boys spread out a blanket, with Mylan drifting into a nap while Mason offered a prayer at the gravestone.


“They’re a lot stronger than me. They’re just really remarkable kids,” said their mother.

Army Staff Sgt. Fred Brazel passed away from stage four rectal cancer on July 31, a mere five months after receiving his diagnosis.