“Well, I’m Bawling”: Fans React To Jon Stewart’s Story About His Late Dog Dipper

Jon Stewart’s return to The Daily Show, almost ten years after his departure, was marked by a heartbreaking segment dedicated to his late dog, Dipper.

Jon had last sat on the Comedy Central show’s hosting chair in 2015 when Trevor Noah took over the role.

On Monday (February 26), the comedian dedicated his closing segment to honoring Dipper, whom he adopted with his young children 12 or 13 years ago while taking part in a fundraiser for Animal Haven, a New York City animal shelter.

Jon recalled baking cupcakes with his kids for the event as well as the feeling he experienced when he first saw Dipper.

Jon Stewart made everyone tear up on his return to The Daily Show when he dedicated his closing segment to his late dog, Dipper

Image credits: The Daily Show

“As a little extra incentive, they brought out this 1-ish-year-old brindle pit bull who got hit by a car in Brooklyn and lost his right leg,” Jon said, fighting back tears.

“It was the perfect idea. They put the dog in my lap. And we left that day feeling really good we’d helped this great organization. And we also left with this 1-ish-year-old brindle pit bull. We called him Dipper.

“And in a world of good boys, he was the best.”

The comedian, who will host Monday nights through the US 2024 election, said the pitbull would regularly visit The Daily Show and “was part of the OG ‘Daily Show’ dog crew.”

The host and comedian adopted Dipper, a three-legged pitbull, while taking part in a fundraiser for a New York City animal shelter

Image credits: Jon Stewart

He also mentioned that Dipper would wait for him while they taped the program. Given his constant presence on set, the lucky dog got a VIP meet-and-greet pass, being stroked by “authors and presidents and kings.”

Looking back on Dipper’s busy schedule on set, Jon then joked about a particular high-profile figure who wasn’t that fond of the dog.

“He did what the Taliban could not do, which is put a scare into Malala Yousafzai,” Jon said before sharing a clip of the Pakistani activist running away from Dipper backstage at the show.

“He was ready. He was tired, but I wasn’t,” Jon said as he broke down in tears

Image credits: The Daily Show

The satirical news program host continued by announcing that Dipper had died the day before and confessed that, unlike his dog, he wasn’t prepared for him to go away.

“Dipper passed away yesterday,” Jon said as he choked up.

“He was ready. He was tired, but I wasn’t. And the family, we were all together. Thank goodness. We were all with him. 

“But, boy, my wish for you is one day you find that dog, that one dog, that just is the best.”

As the clip circulated on the web, people on social media began sending their kind words to the host, along with photos of their own puppies or stories about how they got over their loss.

“What an incredible legacy Dipper leaves behind. I hope you find some solace knowing you gave Dipper the most extraordinary life. They never live long enough,” someone wrote.

“This is Oliver, our Dipper. We loved him enthusiastically and completely, every day of his short life. I would do just about anything to have him back,” a separate individual commented.

Watch the emotional segment below


Another person said: “Thanks for sharing his story. I donated to Animal Haven in his memory. Love that you gave this dog the life he deserved.”

“Hello! A quick thanks for all the kind words and awesome pictures and stories of your special furballs,” Jon wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), responding to the thousands of generous messages he received. 

“A reminder that social media isn’t entirely a cesspool…just mostly. Here’s a couple of shots from the meet cute that began our love affair.”

He accompanied the post with three photos from the time his family adopted Dipper.

In a separate post, the comedian added, “And the pictures I’m seeing of all of your Dippers is giving me so much needed joy!!!”

Malala herself reacted to Jon’s emotional speech, recalling the day she met the pitbull.

“I’m sorry to hear about your loss, @jonstewart. I know Dipper was a very good boy. I’ve gotten over my fear of dogs and I hope you’ll have me back to meet your next pup.”

Moved by Jon’s words, many people sent the host their condolences