Heathrow Has A Huge Mountain Of Uncollected Luggage

Heathrow descended into chaos yesterday (17 June) as travellers were faced with a huge mountain of uncollected luggage.

Due to what was described as a ‘technical issue’ with the bagging system, a number of passengers arrived at Terminal 2 to discover piles of suitcases lining the floor.

Others were told they may not be reunited with their belongings for up to two days.

The news arrives as the UK’s airports buckle under the pressure of Covid-related staff shortages, with delayed flights, huge queues and lost luggage causing chaotic scenes in recent weeks.

Speaking about the latest debacle at Heathrow, Sky News’ defence and security editor Deborah Haynes said she arrived at Terminal 2 yesterday evening to find ‘warning signs’ at the baggage claim.

“There were clusters of suitcases without owners grouped around various conveyor belts,” she said. “I wondered where the owners were.”

Haynes went on to tell the outlet: “Then when I stepped outside I could see this crazy mass of suitcases filling the pavement like an enormous luggage carpet.