30 People Who Asked For Something And Were Surprised When Their Request Was Taken Literally (New Pics)

You’ve probably heard of malicious compliance, an occurrence when people take the rules given in the most direct manner, and they end up fulfilling the request way too literally. We previously made a curious list about such entertaining instances that you can check out right here.

But this time, we are giving malicious compliance a foodie treatment, and we are gonna look at what happens when the subject of the request is your food order. Take hangry people, witty chefs, and hilarious miscommunication and mix it all together, and here you go, you just encountered delicious compliance.

1. I Said My Pad Thai Wasn’t Spicy Last Time So Please Make It Extra Spicy And This Was My Receit

2. Asked For A Corgi Cake For My Birthday. Husband Did Not Disappoint At All!

3. Local Donut Shop Made A Child’s Perfect Donut

4. They Gave Him What He Asked For, Not What He Wanted

5. Told The Meals On Wheels Lady That I Love Their Gravy. Day Made

6. My Daughter Asked For A Rapunzel Birthday Cake. I Made Her One

7. Please Cook Sausages

8. Asked For A Cherry Coke At A Restaurant

9. My 10-Yr-Old Only Wanted Pumpkin Pie Today. I’m Working So I Just Ordered Two Pies From McDonald’s, Three Minutes Before They Closed. There Are 14 Pies In Here. I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

10. Asked If They’d Be Willing To Slip One Extra Into My 10-Box

11. I’d Like The Ravioli, Please, With A Truly Unreasonable Amount Of Parmesan Cheese

12. When Your Daughter Asks Santa Claus For A Giant Cherry Pop Tart

13. When You Don’t Care How Your Sandwich Is Cut Up

14. The Restaurant Asked If We Wanted A “Side Of Ketchup”

15. 86% Cherries, 14% Milkshake

16. I Asked Chef For A “Bacon Cheeseburger”and This Is What He Gave Me. Was Told I Should Post Here

17. I Asked Them To Make My Burrito “As Spicy As They Are Allowed To”. I Should Have Been Concerned When The Chefs Started Laughing And Cheering, But I Was Not Expecting This Level Of Heat. After I Painstakingly Finished It, This Is What They Revealed They Used

18. They Ordered Cheese On The Side

19. Asked For Extra Gravy… My Fries Are Drowning

20. I Asked For A Little Extra Feta On My Salad

21. Promised My Partner An Extra Thick Layer Of Marzipan On The Christmas Cake

22. I Asked For Extra Cheese On My Cali 4×4 Burger

23. Asked Waffle House For As Much Chocolate Chips And They’re Allowed To Give Me

24. Asked My Server If They Could Just Give Me All Potatoes Instead Of A Fruit Bowl + Potatoes

25. The Lovely Family-Owned Diner In My Town Knows Me By Name. Mentioned I Wish I Could Order Extra Sausage Gravy For Dipping My Hashbrowns. Was So Pleasantly Surprised When I Got To Work! * Support Local Business *

26. Enlarged Fries

27. Asked For No Tomatoes On My Salad, Waiter Asked If Bacon Was Ok. I Jokingly Said All The Bacon… He Delivered

28. Asked For Extra Everything From Chipotle… Was Given A Burrito As Big As My Forearm

29. “Vodka Soda With A Bunch Of Limes” Thank You Bartender

30. They Didn’t Have Any Other Sides Cos They Were About To Close So I Got Like 100 Fried Pickles