Fashion Designer Branded ‘Bad Mum’ Responds To Claims She’s Turned Her Baby Into A ‘Thug’

A mum who was criticised for covering her baby with temporary tattoos has hit back at those who called her a ‘bad mum’.

Shamekia Morris of Florida, US, said the backlash against her applying transfers onto her son Treylin when he was six months old ‘has been horrible’.

The fashion designer had been posting pictures of her baby on social media with images of his new tattoos, where she said she loved the eye-catching effect the temporary transfers had on him.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been a fan of her decisions, with plenty of people going online to accuse her of being a bad mother.

Internet critics accused Morris of ‘raising him for prison’ and told her that her son would ‘get shot down in the streets’ if he spent his life covered in tattoos.

Speaking to the Love Don’t Judge show, Morris spoke about the abuse she received and urged the people slating her for turning her baby son into a ‘thug’ to be more understanding.