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12 Celebs Who Speak Out in Support of Body Positivity

As societal norms around beauty and body standards continue to shift, celebrities have become increasingly vocal about their experiences and perspectives. These individuals shared their personal struggles with body image, as well as their journey of self-love and acceptance. Through their words and actions, these celebrities have sparked meaningful conversations about body positivity, inspiring many to embrace and celebrate their unique bodies and share their own journeys.

1. Ashley Graham

© ashleygraham/Instagram© ashleygraham/Instagram

Ashley Graham spoke about how she wants to help to change the way women think about themselves. In an interview, she talked about how she had been denied jobs for being both too big and too small. She didn’t want to conform to other people’s wants.

She said, “This is my body. I’m happy in it. And nobody—nobody—has control over my body but me.”