17 Celebs Who Are Not Afraid To Show Their Natural Body

After years of permitting their imperfections to be Photoshopped, many female celebrities are now sharing photos of their true forms and flaws. And as a result, unrealistic beauty standards and the mentality that weight gain, stretch marks, cellulite, or skin imperfections are things to be hidden away are gradually shifting.

Not minding the cruel comments hinged on body image, celebrities are speaking out by getting honest about their appearance. They’ve been sharing candid photos of their body without filters, and it’s safe to say they aren’t ashamed in the slightest. Without holding back, have a look and enjoy! You’ll definitely be inspired.

Jameela Jamil.

The founder of I WEIGH is all about showing her body in its un-Photoshopped state. And just recently, the 32-Year-Old insisted that b**b stretch marks are a normal, beautiful thing.