34 Times When Celebrities Rock Red Swimsuit

Celebrities ensure to bring on their A-game when it comes to beach bodies. And so far, they’ve proved age has little impact on their toned physiques and abs. Before summertime, most A-listers dedicate themselves to workouts, engaging in yoga, or perhaps joining group classes that involve dancing and sessions with personal trainers. Some don’t go through these rigorous activities as they seem to have good genes.

Looking for swimsuit inspiration? Your favorite celebs [some of whom are compiled below] know just how to make a style statement any time they hit the beach. Scroll through to see the incredible bikini bodies in different RED swimsuits, and possibly, you’ll be inspired to get your nutrition and fitness routine. Besides, you can have some saved as inspiration for your next poolside photoshoots. Have a look!

Demi Moore.

Julianne Hough.