Aussie mum called a ‘monster’ for having son’s birthmark lasered hits back at trolls

Fighting back tears, Brooke held down her baby boy Kingsley as he screamed out in agony.

Unable to bear the sight of her little son in distress, the mum of two ran out of the room, leaving her partner Kewene to pin back their squirming boy.

“It’s only two minutes, but it’s two minutes of hell,” Brooke tells 7Life.

Kingsley has a port-wine stain (PWS), a permanent maroon-coloured birthmark, that covers the left half of his face.

When he was just a few months old, Brooke arranged laser treatment to lighten the facial discolouration – and began documenting her baby’s journey online.

But the Queensland mother was labelled “a monster” for putting her son through the treatment.

“People thought I was doing this purely for cosmetic reasons and that just broke my heart,” Brooke says.

“I would never put my kids through something that isn’t medically needed.”

The mother’s agonising choice wasn’t simply because Kingsley’s PWS was “just a birthmark”.

His ‘strawberry kiss’ is also growing on his brain.

Written by John

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