Bindi Irwin’s Latest Instagram Post of Daughter Leaves Fans Furious

Bindi Irwin recently shared an adorable video of her daughter Grace Warrior, but shockingly it’s left some fans furious.

Scroll on to see the video for yourself…

Now, we all know Bindi Irwin as the daughter of the late Steve Irwin…

And fans of the Irwin family from all around the world have taken joy in the last decade seeing Bindi follow in her father’s footsteps by working tirelessly at the family’s Australia Zoo with her mom Terri and brother Robert.

Bindi is married to Chandler Powell, who she met in 2013.

The pair met when Chandler, who’s now twenty-five, was visiting the zoo while in Australia for a professional wakeboarding competition from the United States.

They have now been together for over 8 years and amazingly so, American-born Chandler exhibits the same passion for animals as the Irwins and he now works with Bindi and her family at Australia Zoo.