A Husband Thanks His Wife and Pens a Letter About Her Belly After Childbirth

Hayley Garnett, a blogger and a mother of 3 kids, was asked, “Do you ever get stuck in a cycle of comparing yourself to your past self?” She responded, “Probably, yes. Especially if your body changed a lot after childbirth. That can make you feel frustrated and exhausted, but such things get so insignificant when your husband says that he loves you even more after you gave him a baby.”

“I stay thankful because I know you’re by my side.”

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Hayley and Cody had their eleventh wedding anniversary in October 2020. They are proud parents of twin girls and a boy. When you check their pics, they look like the perfect family. There’s always a feeling that somehow this couple gets everything easily. But that’s not true. This family also has its own doubts and difficulties.

Yes, it’s women who physically give birth, but still, it doesn’t mean that the husband’s job is just to watch the process from afar. Cody is not just a father, he is a true lover. “I stay thankful and humbled to have woken up every day for the last 11 years with you by my side. You’ve made me a better man, a stronger father, a more loving brother and son, and a good friend…I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you,” he explained.