9 Crazy Things How Desi People Go Through Breakups!

Finding your perfect soulmate out of more than 7 billion people is no easy feat. How do you even go about searching for that one special person? While others settle for arranged marriages, many opt to try their own lucks at love. And with these romantic experiments come unavoidable (often dramatic) heartbreaks. In the race to find your potential spouse, almost all people get their hearts broken at least once. No two hearts mend the same way, it is therefore we poor creatures develop different coping mechanisms. Good luck figuring out in which category do you/your ex falls into.

1. Dukhi Devdas

They behave much like Sharukh Khan did when things with Paaro were going south-ways in the Bollywood movie Devdas. “Mai tumharay bina kaisay rahun ga paro”. These overly dramatic people need to get it through their heads that these romantic adventures are ALWAYS followed by heartbreaks.