12-Year-Old Prankster Throws Dead Snake On Woman’s Car And Gets Flattened By Husband

This young boy was tackled on ground by a man after he was seen trying to throw in a dead snake into his car where his wife and kids were sitting. He was later arrested on charges of assaulting a minor. Look at the video and read the whole story and let us know who you would side with in this incidence.

12-year-old Alex Anderson in Dix Hills Long Island got knocked down on the floor by William Conte after he was caught trying to throw a dead snake into a car with Conte’s wife and children in rhe car.

Conte was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and harassment.

As per Alex, the incident happened when he was riding his bike with friends and noticed that there was a woman sitting there filming them.

He decided to film her back, and was then attacked by her husband.